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International students will be able to return to Australia!

Get your bags at the ready! 🥳

The first international students will start landing in NSW from next month!

Educational institutions have been one of the worst hit by the Australian Border Closures.

International Students account for 27% of the total revenue of Australian Universities, and border restrictions saw the numbers of overseas students commencing their studies at Australian Universities by 62% compared to the previous period in 2019, according to data from the Department of Education.

The trial begins with 250 seats for students every fortnight, with the number scaling up to 600 per fortnight by the end of the year if the trials go well.

Those international students studying medicine and other health-related degrees who are close to finishing their studies will be the first in line to receive the oh-so-coveted seats.

All in-coming students will be subject to the same strict quarantine measures as retuning Australians, however these costs will be footed by the Universities.

How will they allocate who gets to sit in those seats? Good question! The seats will be proportionately allocated per University based on the proportion of international students they had in the last full year of academic study before the pandemic (2019). Students from a range of countries, predominately China but also others including Singapore and South Korea, will quarantine in purpose-built student accommodation once they arrive in Sydney. This is because when borders closed, the students that continued to enrol onto the course and study whilst overseas where largely Chinese students who were happy to continue studies whilst they waited for borders to open. Professor Glover (Convener of the NSW Vice-Chancellors’ Committee gave indication that priority will be given to: - Medical and health-care related studies - Students close to the end of their studies - Students needing to do field work or placements as part of their degree - Postgraduate research students

Council of International Students president, Belle Lim said the plan “sends a great message to international students studying online offshore there is hope that things will return to normal”.

Contact us for more info!

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