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Why choose Sydney? Top Reasons Why You Should Study in Sydney.

Why would an international student choose to live in Sydney?

Sydney is one of (if not THE MOST) likely city you’ll think of when you think about Australia.

Famous for its Opera House, Bondi Beach and Harbour Bridge, it’s not hard to see why Sydney is one of Australia’s most popular destinations for international students.

Would you consider yourself a city person? Then Sydney may just be for you.

Consider yourself a country bumpkin? This does not necessarily rule out Sydney for you either.

Sydney is Australia’s largest city, but it's not just for ‘city-folk’

Speaking from personal experience, I was once a self-renowned ‘country person’. I have travelled to many countries and stuck to this notion. Sydney however was the first city I fell in love with and could see myself calling home. Sydney is not your typical city. Surrounded by beaches, national parks and mountains, drive an hour in any direction and you’ll find yourself relaxing in the bosom of nature.

For this reason, Sydney has the best of both worlds. An obscene amount of events, activities, shopping, bars and restaurants hand in hand with plenty of nature, beaches and parks.

Sydney has wonderful weather - perfect for it’s bounty of outdoor fun

Sydney has one of the best climates in Australia. Hot summers and mild winters. It’s warmer and sunnier than Melbourne but less humid than Cairns or Darwin. Cooler than Alice Springs yet warmer than Adelaide. This makes taking advantage of it’s natural beauty and surrounding nature easy almost all year round (minus the occasional wet summer!). There are countless outdoor activities including bicycle riding around the city, surfing in Manly or Bondi, Snorkelling at shelly beach, paddle boarding in the Northern beaches, taking a ferry ride up the Parramatta river, hiking Bondi to Cooggee, exploring the blue mountains or national parks. You’ll be hard-pressed to find yourself bored in this magnificent city.

Sydney’s infamous beaches

Perfect for swimming, surfing and other great water based activities, Sydney’s beaches vary from popular stretches of sand through to secluded swimming spots. Whether you’re hunting the waves that are ripe for surfing, or keen to unwind & relax in a waveless bay or seaside pool, you’ll find the water that you’re looking for. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Bondi Beach and Manly Beach, while secret beaches across Sydney Harbour

offer breath-taking views and only a fraction of the beachgoers to share them with.

But Sydney isn’t just for the outdoorsy-type.

Sydney’s multicultural eating options

Home to residents originating from across the globe, Sydney’s dining scene serves up the diverse flavours of Asia, Europe and beyond. Spanning from fine dining experiences through to a great selection of low-cost eateries, there are dishes on offer to match most budgets and

tastes. Some of the city’s popular dining destinations include Surry Hills, Chinatown and Circular Quay, with plenty of palate pleasing creations exiting their kitchens daily.

Heaps of Indoor Activities

There's indoor skydiving, laser tag, escape rooms, bars and nightclubs, shopping centres galore, an aquarium, a few zoos, cinemas , museums and theatres a-plenty. Anything you’d expect to find in a major city, you’ll find here.

Gorgeous Architecture

Sydney has a wonderful mix of modern buildings with 19th Century architecture; Take a stroll

through the city and observe the Queen Victoria Building, Town Hall or the City Council Building. Gaze in wonder at the Opera House, do an adrenaline-fuelled climb of the Harbour Bridge, take a Whale-watching tour during the bi-annual whale migration, take a leisurely stroll through the Botanical Gardens.

Sydney’s exotic wildlife

You’ll find Ibises all over the city, possums on your balcony and lizards in your garden. Look out for water dragons along the coast and dolphins jumping in the ocean. Wake up to the sounds of Kookaburras and Whip birds. See flying foxes and Rainbow Lorikeets take to the skies above your head. Find Wallabies and bush turkeys in the bush and penguins on the northern beaches!

Sydney’s extraordinary Flora

Flora-wise, expect to see palm trees lining coastal streets, fig trees with roots that feel like they’re from the temples of Cambodia, see the trees bloom purple during Jacaranda season, smell the fresh scent of Eucalyptus, see the purple and yellow flowers of the bottle brush tree, smell the tropical scent and see the tropical flowers of the frangipani tree, and catch sight of the stupendous size of the Monstera’s leaves.

Sydney’s Educational Institutions

Not only is the city itself a spectacle to behold, but it’s also home of many of the world’s top institutions and universities; 2 in the top 50 (University of Sydney and UNSW)!

High-quality vocational education and training providers, primary and secondary schools, English language courses and universities can be found across Sydney, including the thriving

metropolitan hub of Parramatta to the west of the central business district and the Central Coast immediately to the city’s north.

Sydney is Australia’s gateway to the world

Australia’s only truly global city, Sydney is the gateway to the vibrant and diverse regions of New South Wales and the country’s other capital cities. Top ranking universities and research facilities attract students seeking globally recognised qualifications and lifelong career connections.

Sydney is the land of opportunity

As Australia’s largest city, you won’t be surprised that there are more job opportunities here than anywhere else. Sydney is a tourist hotspot. With most planes landing here and most holidays starting here, it hosts more tourists than anywhere else. This means that there are an abundance of jobs in both tourism and hospitality. Sydney is also home to the headquarters of big brands and the financial services institutions. This means that there are many opportunities for office work too. Many courses also offer work placements in large corporations, offering you networking and work experience opportunities whilst you’re studying.

Safety safety safety

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world. Sydney itself was nominated as the 5th safest city in the world by the Economist’s safe cities index (2019). With great infrastructure and Australia’s best healthcare system, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll enjoy a safe life in Sydney.

Sydney’s mornings start earlier

Sydney has a much bigger early morning workout culture than Melbourne. As it sits 500km east (and much further north) than Melbourne whilst sharing the same timezone, it enjoys sunrise an hour earlier than Melbourne does. This means that things like Milson’s Point pool opens at 5.30am whereas Fitzroy pool only opens at 6 am. This can be a huge difference to those wanting to add fitness to their morning routine.

What are the cons of living in Sydney?

Sydney is famous for its lock-out laws and its dying nightlife, all contributed to by Gladys Berijiklian’s infamous war on nightlife. The restrictions introduced early closing of pubs and bars around the city. After time this caused a lot of bars to close, leaving Sydney behind in the nightlife scene. That’s not to say that fun can’t be had! There are a plethora of clubs that stay open to 3 and even 5 am, drag shows, warehouse parties and events that still go ahead. But if you live for the big nights, you might be better off choosing Melbourne.

Sydney is Australia’s most expensive city, with rental prices being almost double for a similarly sized property in Cairns. Whilst the minimum wage is the same across Australia, this makes it extra hard to save in Sydney.

Sydney does offer more job opportunities and the chance of earning higher wages as you make your way up the ladder though.

So, to sum up Sydney,

Sydney’s Pros:

Great Weather!

Abundance of nature

Beautiful architecture, plants and wildlife

Wining, dining, shopping, and café-hopping

Many colleges and universities

Beautiful beaches (only a 100 of them)

Great education opportunities

Cosmopolitan, culturally diverse

Good for those who like early mornings

Sydney Cons:


Notoriously bad for traffic

Not as good for those who like long evenings

Who is Sydney Best for?

- Students who want a great mix of things to do indoors and activities in nature

- Students who want the best job opportunities

- Students who want to work in the Head Office of large corporations / banking

- Students who want to live in a multicultural city

- Students who want a moderate climate

- Students who want to go to Australia’s top universities

- Students who want to travel regularly internationally

- Students who don’t mind the higher cost of living

- Early risers

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