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What’s the best way to spend your time this Lockdown?

This quarantine, are you more Netflix & Chill or Learn Tricks & Skills? *

If you are the latter, have you thought about which skills could be best to learn?

If you are anything like us, there’s lots of skills you want to pick up;

Is it finally time to learn piano? Or get to grips with handstands?

How about time you busted out that French Dictionary?

But with too many hobbies, it’s hard to focus and really grow in any. So how do you pick the one where you’ll have used your time most wisely? Where you can come out the other end of lockdown, pleased with the way you spent the time?

Well, a good way to think about it is which skill is most valuable? Which skill will give me a better return on investment? (Hint: it’s the one that will help you make the most money!)

With millions of jobs and industries at risk and the future remaining uncertain for many of

us, there’s been no better time to get ourselves FUTURE-PROOF.

Getting ourselves future proof means equipping ourselves with the knowledge and skills we need in industries least affected by coronavirus or ones that have high return on

investments. Ideas around this are:

1 - Taking the time to learn how to invest wisely in the stockmarket or investing in property.

Is it really the time to learn the stock market? Well, the stock market has taken a big hit too, and so have house prices. But that means it’s the best time to invest! Stock prices and house prices are at an all-time low, meaning there’s only one way for the prices to go! Savvy investors will already be taking advantage of this!

2 – Learning how to become a mortgage broker

Perhaps you’re not in a position to invest half a million in a new house? Well, what is more secure and requires a far lesser initial investment is to become a mortgage broker – with the increase of investment properties being bought in the aftermath of COVID-19, there’ll be a boom in mortgage brokers being needed. We recommend this course from the Sydney Institute of Interpreting and Translating:


3 – Get certified in translation

With more and more businesses operating online as a way to control outbreaks of the virus, many companies will be wanting to increase their reach. They can achieve this by translating their website so they can reach consumers in different countries. Translators are usually paid to translate into their mother tongue, and your language may be in demand!

4 – Learn skills in eCommerce or Digital Marketing

For the same reason as above, helping business to reach more customers whilst they

continue to work from home has never been a more necessary and in-demand skill. There are many certificates and diplomas that you can take in this time so that by the end of lockdown, you’ll have widened your options!

...and many more!

There are lots of courses available online that you can undertake during lockdown..

On this website you can find many FREE courses from universities like MIT or Harvard - check it out!

Whilst social events are a far away dream and a lot of us getting less hours at work, we are all needing a distraction from our partners/children/boredom, so now’s the most optimum time to learn a skill that will help increase your income and secure you and your family’s future.

And so, as many of us face an uncertain future with our jobs, why not take your future into your own hands! After all, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple all started in a garage!

Contact us if you need help with finding most appropriate course for you,

Our services are FREE!

Education and Visa Agency Team

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