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Temporary Graduate Visa - Are you eligible? 🧑‍🎓

First things first

What is the Temporary Graduate Visa?

The Temporary Graduate (485) Visa offers eligible graduates the ability to live and work in Australia from 1.5 – 2+2 years with full time work rights.

Sounds Great! I’m in!

How do I apply?

Not so fast bucko!

The Graduate Visa is only available to 2 types of students:

1. Those that have recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree or higher for at least 2 years in Australia.

2. Those that have recently completed a course of minimum 2 years that is related to an occupation on the MLTSSL Skilled Occupation List (Don’t know what the Skilled Occupation List is? Or want to choose a course that’s on the list? Read our blog post which goes into the Skilled Occupation List here). Examples for these courses include Trades & construction Diplomas, cheffing and car mechanics.

Why do some 485 visas have a longer duration than others?

This is due to the 2 streams that make you eligible.

Those students who are eligible because they undertook a course which is related to a skill on the (MLTSS) Medium & Long-Term Skilled Occupation List will be given a visa with an 18 month duration - this is the graduate work stream.

Eligible students who recently studied a Bachelor or higher will be granted 2 years.

If a student graduated from an institution in a regional area, they will be granted an additional year. Students who graduated from an institution in a remote regional area will be granted an extra 2 years - this is the post-study work stream.

Do I need to work in the sector / occupation of study that made me eligible for the visa?

The short answer is no!

However, we’d highly recommend that you do! The time given on a graduate visa allows you to build up your post-graduation work-related experience which can help you to increase your eligibility for a skilled-sponsored, skilled-nominated visa or permanent residency visa, if that’s your end goal.

What counts as regional? What counts as remote regional?

Ahhh The question that has plagued philosophers for thousands of years :p

This question affects a whole host of visas, so we have made this a whole topic in itself.

Stay tuned for our next post where we cover this in detail!

Other than completion of my course, is there any other eligibility criteria for the 485 visa?

The key requirements include:

  • You must be younger than 50 years of age

  • You must be inside Australia at the time you lodge your visa (current exemptions due to COVID-19 apply)

  • You must meet the Australian study requirements (see below)

  • You must have applied for the visa within 6 months of receiving your course results.

  • You must maintain health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia

  • You must have at least competent English

  • You must not have applied for this visa previously

  • Important to note also, that unlike other visas where the Government may look leniently if you upload documents after you have submitted your visa, you must upload ALL relevant documents at the time of submission with the graduate visa

  • You will also need a skills assessment if you are applying under the graduate work stream

  • You must not have any outstanding debts to the Australian Government when the visa is granted

  • Confirmation of having applied for an Australian Federal Police Check (with 12 month’ validity) before lodging your visa (if you have any dependent family members on your application, they will also need to have a police check).

  • You and dependent family members in your application may have to undergo medical examinations to fulfil health requirements.

What are the study requirements that need to be met in order to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa?

  • Your institution must be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)

  • Your course must have been conducted in English

  • Your course must have a minimum duration of 92 weeks or at least 16 calendar months

  • You must have undertaken your studies whilst holding a valid student visa for Australia

English knowledge requirement

You can either show that you hold a valid passport from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland, or prove your English proficiency. To do this, show the evidence that in the last 3 years, you achieved:

How much does the Temporary Graduate Visa cost and how long is the processing time?

Excluding assessments, checks, insurance etc. The 485 Visa cost starts from $1650. The processing time varies depending on your work stream, and at the time of writing is currently 7-10 months. But the most up-to-date processing times for the visas can be found here

For more information on temporary graduate visa, check out the Immi website here

Whether you’re ready to apply, just want more information and to find out if you’re eligible, or want to learn how to become eligible, contact us for a free no obligation consultation 🤗

Education and Visa Agency Team

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