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Study IT in Australia!

Are you good with computers?

Fancy yourself as a tech wizard?

Well, do we have the inspirational story for you!

One of our clever students, Tadas, came to Australia in 2013, to study Cyber Security. Fast track 7 years down the line and where is he now?

Not only did he work as a Cybersecurity Engineer for Australia’s biggest Telecoms company (Telstra), he’s now working in Australia’s biggest Cybersecurity company as a solution architect.

He’s also launched his own successful ecommerce website and is part of an Australian political party working towards a better future for Australia!

Phewwww! What an achievement!

Can you picture yourself so well established in Australia, just a few years down the line? Well, it all starts with the first step: finding a suitable course!

With hundreds Government-Approved IT courses to choose from, there’s bound to be the perfect course for you!

Starting from Certificates in Information Technology, Software Development, through to Master’s in Cyber Security, your perfect course is out there waiting.

Studying IT related courses can be highly beneficial as IT specialists are always in demand. There are also IT related occupations on the skill occupation list in Australia!

Let us know your needs and preferences and we’ll compute your most suitable options for you!

Through the skills Tadas gained in his studies, he was able to launch a successful website, connecting both international corporations and Australia’s small businesses to the environmental and health-conscious consumer:

As a thank-you for helping him get started on his Australian Journey, he’s given us a discount code to share with you:

Use Promo Code: Education2020 to get 15% off ALL products in the store.

Contact us for more info!

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