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Refer a friend and get $100!

Or refer yourself and get $100 for yourself! :)

Do you know someone who is looking to switch to a student visa and extend their stay in Australia?

Send them our details, we can help them know their options, choose between schools and courses and process their application all for free!

If your friend eventually enrols on a course with us, we will send you $100 as a thank you :)

Terms & Conditions

You may refer any number of friends. The friend must not have signed up to a course with us before.

We will send you $100 cash transfer to your nominated bank account within 2 weeks after the student has enrolled on to their course, applied for their visa and paid for the first payments (includes first term at school, OSHC and Visa cost). 

$100 may instead be given in the form of a voucher or counted towards insurance payment if preferred.

* minimum 3 months enrollment

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