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Lockdown has been extended… But so has financial support 💸

If you are a New South Wales resident and your employment has been impacted by the Stay-At-Home orders, you may be eligible to apply for financial support from the Government.

Yes, even temporary visa holders including students! So long as you have working rights attached to your visa and you have lost at least 8 hours of work per week.

There’s a wealth of options depending on your situation:

COVID-19 micro-business grant

A fortnightly payment for businesses with a turnover between $30,000 and $75,000.

How much

  • $1,500 per fortnight


  • A turnover between $30,000 and $75,000

  • A revenue decline of 30% or more

  • Businesses that provide the primary income source for a person associated with the business.

For more information and to apply, visit Apply for the 2021 COVID-19 micro-business grant.

COVID-19 Disaster Payment - New South Wales

Support if you couldn’t work due to New South Wales COVID-19 public health orders.

There are lump-sum payments for people who lost work and income due to New South Wales COVID-19 public health orders.

Originally starting at $325 per week for those losing less than 20 hours of work per week, and $500 for those losing 20 hours or more per week.

From next week (5th August), the rates increase to $450 and $750 per week respectively.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment - New South Wales

Support if you live in New South Wales and can't earn an income because you must self-isolate or quarantine, or are caring for someone with COVID-19.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment is a lump sum payment to help you during the 14 days you need to self-isolate, quarantine or care for someone. If you need longer term help, check to see what other payments you may be eligible to get by using the payment guide.

The Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment is for people living in New South Wales who can't earn an income because they must self-isolate, quarantine or care for someone who has COVID-19.

You must be directed to self-isolate or quarantine by NSW Health.

You can get $1500 per 14 day period that you must isolate or care for someone who is isolating.

Residential Tenant Protection & Support Package

New temporary measures will support both tenants and landlords to prevent financially impacted residential tenants from being evicted and to assist landlords who agree to renegotiate rent.

The Residential Tenancy Support Payment provides up to $1500 per tenancy agreement. This grant will be available for landlords who agree to reduce the rent for COVID-19 impacted tenants from 14 July 2021. The rent reduction agreement can run longer than the 60-day moratorium period (i.e. beyond September 11) if the tenant and landlord agree.

The amount for each landlord will be capped at the reduction that is passed onto the tenants, or $1500, whichever is the lower.

Landlords cannot ask tenants to repay the reduced amount of rent that has been paid to them under the Residential Tenancy Support Payment

Support for international students

The NSW Government is supporting international students in NSW during the COVID-19 pandemic with:

To find out about other support services available to international students in NSW visit the Study NSW COVID-19 Help Hub.

The latest federal government's COVID-19 announcements, news, updates and advice are available at COVID-19 International Student Support and Welfare.

Other available support for individuals and households:

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