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Great news for those working in Hospitality or Tourism! 🎉🎉

Student Visa Holders can now work unrestricted hours for hospitality and tourism jobs.

That means no 40 hour per fortnight limit during term time!

In a bid to help hospitality venues and the tourism industry recover from the effect of the covid-19 pandemic, the Australian Government has lifted the 40 hours per fortnight restriction on working hours of student visa holders working in those industries.

This means that if you do not work in these industries, the 40 hour per fortnight limit still applies to you during term time.

In addition, tourism and hospitality have also been added as eligible sectors for the 408 COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa, giving temporary visa holders up to an additional 12 months in Australia after their visas expires, adding the industries to the list of critical sectors including agriculture, health care, food processing, aged care, disability care and childcare.

These measures are only temporary and the Government will review them regularly.

Advise your employer that the Government will update employers when these measures no longer apply.

Whilst these measures are in place, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and Australian Border Force (ABF) will not cancel visa of students or refer them for investigation for breach of visa conditions of any student who works in excess of 40 hours per fortnight in eligible industries. Nor will they refer any employer or third-party labour hire companies for investigation for criminal offence for allowing a student visa holder work in breach of their visa conditions.

If you would like to increase your hours based on the new measures, you should discuss the changes with your employer, linking them to the below article.

Students are not required to place an application to work more hours with immigration.

Not sure if your job counts as Hospitality and Tourism?

Check out this list of the most popular occupations in these sectors:


- Tourism & Travel Advisor

- Travel Attendant

- Tour Guide

- Travel Consultant

- Visitor Information Officer


- Kitchen hand

- Waiter

- Bar Attendant

- Barista

- Chef

- Café Manager

- Restaurant Manager

- Fast Food Cook

- Cook

- Housekeeper

- Café Worker

- Conference and Event Organiser

- Hotel Manager

- Motel Manager

- Gaming Worker

- Hotel Service Manager

- Licensed Club Manager

Contact us if you need assistance with getting a student visa or 408 COVID-19 visa.

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